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Training Methods

Pawsitively Positive

The methods used by the trainer at EC Canines are positive, fun and encouraging.

 We pride ourselves on the quality of information that is given out and regularly update our knowledge by attending training, doing online courses, meets or just reading a lot of books that are recommended by the IMDT.

All the training courses that have been attended are run via the IMDT. 

The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) is a world renowned dog training organisation that uses the latest research and scientific fact about animal behaviours to educate the trainers that use them to further their knowledge. They provide a great support network online and personally for anyone that needs it.

Therefore, all the knowledge that a trainer will impart during your time training your dog will be accurate, and scientific based, using all the latest techniques and information to ensure your dog has the best education that is possible.

A lot of the methods that are used are from studies that show every animal learns the same and are even now widely used on human children today.

**Absolutely no aversive methods will be tolerated and any form of choke chain, prong collars, electric shock collars, spray collars or any other form of punishment will be allowed in classes or as part of any training schedule.**

Puppy & Dog Training

Group Classes

Group Classes are run in a hall that allows for small, intimate groups of up to 6 puppies or dogs.

All the training is progressive and based around a few simple methods that can be expanded at your own pace.

As each dog starts, they will be given these few basic tools to work on and then will follow through with games and exercises that can be done at home or out and about.

the training in theses classes is based around giving your dog a good solid foundation of training and arming you, as the owner, with the knowledge needed to help your dog cope with situations in and out of the home.

We encourage the dog to think for itself, while regularly checking in on you, and base experiences on giving the dog confidence, reliability and comfort.

One to One Training

Big or small, intimidating or intimidated, cute or ugly, old or young dogs at anytime and for whatever reason can develop training or behavioural issues that require specialist training methods in order to help you through such a difficult time.


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